What People Have Said

Here are a few testimonials from people we have helped.

What head teachers have said

"Outstanding in the way that we are now able to address behavioural issues in newer and more sensitive ways than ever before. Already, outcomes have been highly positive from the perspective of the young people, staff and parents".
Bill Ashton, Lead Behavioural Head Redcar Community College
"Very positive. Behaviour of pupils involved has improved - more settled in class/less problems at break times. Raised Self-esteem and Self-belief, has also contributed to raising of attainment/progress".
Head teacher Primary School - Redcar
"Much more confident, less angry more positive towards school and self, more co-operative"
Linda Halbert Principal Freebrough Academy
"The children have been able to concentrate more in the classroom and Self esteem has improved, giving them more confidence to deal with problems. We feel the children have become more relaxed and able to cope with their school day. Academic levels have improved as a result."
Head teacher Grangetown Primary School
"positve improvement in confidence and self discipline, I feel that the work done has had a great stabilising effect and helped immensely."
parent of primary school

What young people & parents have said

"It's helped me a lot with controlling my temper and what to do if I do lose it."
Mark - aged 15
"Before I met you, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown or worse, then I started to feel so much better and happier, thank you"
Gemma - aged 13
"Counselling, I never thought it would be like that, you have changed all my views about counselling and helped me find myself! I really appreciate it!
Laura - aged 14