Adoption Support Therapy Provision

Adoption Support Work and Attachment Informed Therapy is specifically targeted at children and young people who have insecure or disrupted attachments which are impacting on their daily life. The therapist works alongside children and their care giver with the emphasis being on the therapist helping the caregiver and the child to develop secure attachments with each other by the care giver responding to the child’s emotional age rather than their chronological age.  We are approved for Specialist Assessments and Therapeutic Services within the Tees Valley and Wider area.


With over 15 years experince working in counselling, psychotherapy and social care inlcluding deliver training.  As a provider we are committed to a high quality service.  What does this mean?

  • as a minimum we are eligible for individual membership to BACP British Associaltion for Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • have evidenced at least 450 hours of training of a quality standard over at least a 2 year period covering theory, skills, professional issues an personal development, then a minimum of 3 years of practice to be able to be called an experienced practitioner.
  • and have been clinically supervised for a least 1.5 hours a month througought our training.