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Welcome to Time 4 You Counselling and Psychological Service CIC our Not For Profit counselling and training service covering the Teesside area, for children young people and families.  See our Kids Matter and Smiling Mind training link below teaching Mindfulness to children and young people to increase resilience and reduce stress. 


Our team of therapists and directors have a wealth of experience in supporting the emotional health and well-being of children young people and their families both in schools and within the Local Authority as well as children's homes with looked after children. 

Our talented and professional counsellors and psychotherapists are qualified to a minimum Foundation Degree in counselling and psychotherpay or Play therapy. Many are Master practitioners and all have experience and knowledge in which to engage and work therapeutically with children and young people to achieve positive outcomes.  The Time 4 You team focus on building and strengthening the natural resilience inherent in young people.  

By enabling children and young people to explore their worries and concerns through talking or therapeutic play, counsellors help to build resilience in the ‘here and now’, and help young people make informed decisions about their lives, which in turn can help to prevent more serious mental health and behavioural problems.  Also when children and young people are happier and less anxious about their troubles, they are more able and ready to learn and so their academic opportunities are much improved.

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Working in Partnership with :
"Before I met you, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown or worse, then I started to feel so much better and happier, thank you"
Gemma - aged 13

Who can it help?

Children and young people are referred to our counselling service for a broad range of emotional and behavioural concerns including: 

  • Problems at home (e.g. parental separation/divorce)
  • Problems with peer relationships
  • School related difficulties (e.g. non-attendance)
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Bullying
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress
  • Self harm, suicidal thoughts 
  • Disruptive behaviour

What do we hope to achieve?

Our fundamental goals are:

  • To enable a young person to deal with painful emotional issues 
  • To enable a young person to achieve some level of congruence with regard to thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
  • To enable a young person to feel GOOD about themselves
  • To enable a young person to accept their limitations and strengths and to feel OK about them!
  • To enable a young person to change behaviours that have negative consequences
  • To enable a young person to function comfortably and adaptively within the external environment for e.g (at home and at school).
  • And to maximize the opportunity for the Young person to pursue developmental milestones.